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Who makes up the team behind Heritage Properties? Next up in our recurring blog series, “The People of Heritage Properties,” is our Talent Acquisitions Manager, Holly Eicher. 

As Heritage Properties’ own Talent Acquisitions Manager, Holly Eicher approaches each day as a new opportunity to put people first. With a diverse background in both staffing solutions and coaching collegiate athletics, Holly brings a positive outlook and team mentality to her role. “The biggest overlap between working in talent acquisitions and coaching softball is the approach to day-to-day challenges and successes. It’s about working with individuals through both strengths and weaknesses while always putting the team first at the end of the day,” says Holly. 

Holly’s journey into internal recruitment and talent acquisitions first started back in college. As a varsity softball player at Southern New Hampshire University, Holly’s love for the sport continued into post-grad, where she went on to coach two collegiate teams – and is currently the head coach for Polar Crush softball, a long-standing, local New England program. Throughout her coaching roles, Holly’s experience with recruitment was a regular responsibility each season – from soliciting new prospects for the college teams she coached, to helping place rising high school players into college programs. “That experience really opened my eyes into recruitment and led me into my first corporate role,” explains Holly. Her background in coaching, love for people, and desire to make an impact made for a great combination in talent acquisitions.  

Holly joined the Heritage team in March, following a transition from a previous role in healthcare staffing solutions. During her job search, she gravitated towards Heritage Properties’ focus on mentorship and our company’s unique family history, as it resonated with her own values of teamwork, support, and collaboration. “During the interview process, I could really tell how much Heritage Properties cared about each individual team member as if they were a part of their own family,” Holly says. This left a lasting impression on Holly, who emphasized that this welcoming environment didn’t end after the interview process. Holly explains: “I wanted to hit the ground running in my new role and received reassuring advice that the Heritage team would invest in me as much as I invested in them.” 

And hit the ground running was exactly what Holly did! From day one, Holly’s presence has made an impact on our team. In her day-to-day, Holly’s role is dynamic, shifting from one task to the next – whether that be onboarding a new hire, coordinating interviews, training a colleague at a nearby property, brainstorming company initiatives, or organizing team outings and holiday planning. Through it all, Holly is consistently making an effort to progress Heritage Properties forward, taking into consideration how each company-wide decision impacts not only her immediate team members, but their surrounding communities as well: “That’s a disposition I try to come into work with every day. When I place someone at one of our properties, it doesn’t just make an impact on that property team, it makes an impact on the community they serve as well.”  

This desire to make an impact on both an individual level and a collective level is something that Holly takes to heart. Holly is usually a new team member’s first point of contact – from their interview process to their first day, from their 30-day check-in to their annual review. Similar to coaching, Holly finds that consistent, regular support is key. “Showing compassion and helping your team members work through a new situation or a new project is one of the most rewarding parts of my role,” Holly explains. And, also similarly to coaching, Holly believes in having some fun along the way. “My role isn’t only the assistance I can provide, but it’s also the fun things I can do to help support our company culture. You spend the majority of your day with your team – creating camaraderie and fostering relationships is a big part of the experience!” 

Outside of work, Holly continues to coach softball and is also a ball girl for the Boston Red Sox – and most recently worked the ALDS Series against Tampa Bay! Thank you to Holly for all that you do for our team and for our community. 

To learn more about Heritage, visit our Facebook & Instagram — and stay tuned for future blog posts introducing other members of the team! 

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